Preparing Global Leaders Academy

As the only student representing Brazil, I attended the Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA) in Amman, Jordan in March 2014. The Preparing Global Leaders Academy is a premiere international educational program that seeks to prepare aspiring global scholar-leaders with the tools that are necessary for effective leadership in an increasingly complex world. Find below the media coverage about PGLA by Roya News Broadcast

نشرة أخبار رؤيا بتاريخ 16-3-2014 والتي قدمتها الزميلة لنا خليفات نور. تابعوا النشرة الإخبارية يومياً على السابعة والنصف مساءً على رؤيا. 

PGLA is a component school of Preparing Global Leaders Foundation (PGLF), an educational non-profit dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars, and summits. PGLF operates programs currently in Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, and Jordan. During the program in Amman, my cohort attended The New Arabs Debates presented by the former BBC journalist Tim Sebastian. The discussion subject was "The Arab World is no Place for Women."

Thanks to PGLA, I have had the opportunity to develop skills related to cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, creative thinking, and globalization with other aspiring global scholar-leaders from nearly 40 countries. After the program, I gave talks in public schools and colleges about my experience in the Middle East and mentored other Brazilian youth interested in global leadership. I also wrote an extensive peace in Portuguese about the experience in Jordan.