Harvard Innovation Lab

Over 4000+ applicants, I was selected as one of the 155 leaders from 57 countries to join the Hive at Harvard Innovation Lab, Boston, MA. This program is for leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact on the world and solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Hive is a global network of purpose-driven leaders, technologists, change makers CEOs, writers, artists, scientists (and even astronauts and Olympic medalists!) who are all working to create a better world.

A brief overview of the Hive Global Leaders Program at the Harvard Innovation Lab in April 2016. 

Hive’s mission is to establish the world’s most impactful community of leaders. Members accepted to Hive’s network hail from 50+ countries and are world-class entrepreneurs, creators, technologists, innovators, community builders, and influencers. Hive’s curriculum has been influenced by the Harvard Business School MBA program, the Singularity University Executive Program, the Institute of Design at Stanford University, the Harvard Graduate Student Leadership Institute, Ashoka, The Art of Living, Landmark Curriculum for Living, and the work of Google[x] innovator Tom Chi. I wrote a piece in Portuguese in my blog about my experience at Harvard.