During my childhood years in the countryside of Brazil, whenever a person asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would bombard them with an entire list of occupations. I would recite my list as if it were a prayer. “Lawyer, astronaut, doctor, journalist, scientist, teacher, and more,” I used to say. 

But as I grew older I realized that I would have to make tough choices.


These unexpected choices—alongside wonderful opportunities—shaped me into who I am today: a graduate student at MIT seeking to understand the intricate relationship between media technologies and cultures around the world.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to travel and study in places like Jordan, Japan, the U.K., and Brazil. These experiences shaped my notions of global citizenship and allowed me to explore my academic, professional, and personal passions in an interdisciplinary and global-oriented way.

As a Lemann Fellow, I am committed to create social impact in Brazil through projects in education, social entrepreneurship, and the public sector. At MIT, I work as a research assistant at the Global Media Technologies and Cultures Lab (GMTaC).

Some of my passions include new media, multicultural friendships, education,  participatory culture, technology, and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).

Favorite quote at the moment: "We must look at things so closely that they become strange" (Walter Benjamin)

You can contact me at iagob@mit.edu.